A fenntartható jövőért


A fenntartható jövőért

The plastic straw that takes 500 years to decompose

One of the most common litter found in seas and on seashores is the disposable plastic straw. The problem with plastic is, it takes a very long time to break down.

How long?

On average, a plastic straw is
used for

In the USA,
500 million pieces
of straws are thrown away each day,

while they take more than 500 years to decompose.

The number of disposed plastic straws in Hungary, even according to the most conservarive estimates, is at least 500 million pieces a year.

You may want to ask,
what else could we use that won’t be littering our environment? 

The answer is:

Straws can be made that are not disposed of after only one use but also can be recycled or will quickly decompose once not needed. 

This is exactly what Papearth succeeded at: 

  • manufacturing
  • sustainable,
  • paper,
  • eco-friendly,
  • recyclable,
  • quick to decompose drinking straws. 

Plans to phase out disposable plastic goods 

Manufacture and sale of disposable plastic goods might soon be controlled by national and international measures.

Eco-friendly paper drinking straws will comply with the planned measures of near future.

What’s more, there is a growing number of environmentally conscious buyers who seek out to purchase sustainable products if at all possible.

4 points for paper straws

Environmentally conscious buyers gladly spend on eco-friendly solutions.

Decomposing quickly, they don’t litter our environment or interfere with aquatic life.

They comply with all national or international measures.

Just as good as plastic straws.

At Papearth we believe we are contributing to a better world by making eco-friendly straws that won’t litter our environments after you use and dispose of them. 

If you have a restaurant, a cafe or a shop with household items and you would like to contribute to a better environment please contact us.

Email info@papearth.hu
Manager Zoltan Csirke